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Monday, January 30, 2006

I think she's crazeeee

So it turns out that my dog has occasional shakes. Not sure why, but last time we took him to the vet they ran some tests that gave him a spastic colon. I am trying to convince the fiance that it shouldn't be any concern until he starts shiting blood or biting himself.

I am really worried about this weather. What the hell is wrong when we are 65 degrees in Atlanta as an average in January. I think it is Al Queda.

Someone keeps googleing "wet and trying to undress" under google photos and keeps coming to my site. What the hell? Where in this blog do I say that?

My finace's mom boiled ribs for about one hour yesterday and then broiled for 5 minutes. The ribs were falling off the bone, but the texture was too much like brisket for me. I like ripping the meat off the bone. Something about the primitive behavior appeals to me.


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