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Thursday, January 26, 2006

blue grass

Aw, I didn't want to write but such a unique sales trip. I hit up Kentucky. Second time in three weeks, though Paducah is practically irrelevant. The times have been successful in terms of sales calls. The usual. Sure. Yeah. Well actually...yeah. Thanks a lot. Good doing business. I decided that in order to have clarity I should consume less bourbon, and drink more wine. I'm out here on the road and realize that I can go eat at a pretty nice restaurant for my just rewards. I went to this down to earth wine bar in Louisville called the L&N Wine Bar & Bistro. Awesome. They have 50 some odd wines on tap that they keep fresh with pressurized nitrogen. I had this French pinot there that smelled earthy like rotten sweat sox and fermented blackberries and peppers. The wine was from Texier wines. I highly recommend it. I had crab and corn chowder and a spinach salad with walnuts, blue cheese, pears, and a perfect balsamic vinaigrette. Well that night was the second night in a row that I got a free glass of wine.

The weather man on Accu Weather Channel 40 here in Bowling Green, Ky just gave the forecast with his border collie.


The night before, Tuesday, this bartender chick at Red Lobster starts being all sweetie to me. If she were 20lbs. lighter, she would have Ben absolutely smoking. She had obviously put on some college elbows getting stoned and eating pizza. So I get an entree and two glasses of wine and these fucking hillbilly families (well, maybe it was one family but this seventy year old told me that every one of them were his kids... and two of them were kissing and the ages ranged from probably 4 to 45 and they were there for his birthday) were crawling on my goddamn table. Unreal. Waitress said "come back and see me" as she handed my the bill sans second glass of wine. Oh yeah. The chubby waitress was totally in love. Sweet free glass of wine. Hey, I just realized: Monday night I got a free glass too. The place was called Chop House in Lexington Ky. Good food I guess. Second time I've eaten there. They've got a good selection of Bourbons, but as I've worked from Wednesday's dinner back to Monday's dinner, you've probably realized that I was feeling wine. They had some shitty cheap wines and told me each of my selections were "good choice." I made small talk. So small it was lost in my second glass of wine. I learned it was this waitresses first night training at being a bartender. She brings my bill and "oh, ma'am? uh, I believe you forgot to include some of the alcohol I ordered." Bullshit. Even if it is an accident, you get something that is volunteered and you take it. Just tip a little more. At the very least, you are making sure that they keep doing what they're doing. Free glass.

Tonight? Oh, I went to this place in bowling green and within 1 minute of asking to sample 2 of their wines, I was sampling 4. It was awesome. This girl Lorraine that worked there and used to work for some wine dude in N'Awlins. She said he was brilliant when it came to wines and he would send bottles illegally (you can't ship some wines to certain states) to people he knows. I'm going to hit him up if I see something he has that I like and cannot find. Anyway. I probably got two free glasses there because of all the samples I had.

I don't know what to tell you folks. It has been a wonderful trip when it comes to food and drink.



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