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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Shitty BBQ

I am a BBQ fanatic. I can make some dope ribs. Everyone knows this. A connoisseur? Maybe. A critic? Sure. Fat Matt's Rib Shack in Atlanta is absolute trash. I have had their pulled pork sandwiches plenty. My fiance loves their sandwiches so she insisted on some BBQ for dinner. I had heard they have good ribs so I asked her to get me some tonight. I was disgusted. They were spare ribs, which suck anyway. My beef was that they were horrible. I will never eat their food again. The sides were mayonnaise and mayonnaise mixed with either potatoes or cabbage. I wanted to send it back, but since it was take out, I had few options. The shit tasted like rotten camel's milk. Never go there. Please. If you like BBQ and are in Atlanta, GO TO Daddy D's on Memorial Drive. It is as good as BBQ gets. Fat Matt's is the McDonald's of BBQ. It is terrible. Have I mentioned it tasted like human feces? Cuz it does.


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