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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


You ever had gum disease?
You see, I floss daily. I brush twice a day. I have proper fronts. They are a little crooked, but that is not the problem. The problem started about 18 years ago when I tagged along with my brother and mother to the orthodontist. He wanted to get a look at my grill and my mother made me oblige. He reached in my mouth, felt a tooth that had just become loose (my fang tooth), and he straight up ripped it out. I have been traumatized about teeth ever since. When I changed jobs, my new one did not offer dental insurance. They claimed that no other manufacturer offered dental. I went 2 years without a cleaning until last week. They checked me out and I had no cavities. I did have gum disease. Apparently there is some mineral shit and bacteria that gets caught between your teeth and your gums. I flossed this out when it was between teeth, but not on the outside and inside of the molars. Only a dentist visit fixes this shit. It affects some more than others. So I go in today for my first gum/tartar cleaning of three. Holy shit! The dental hygenist put some fucking force into the scraping. It was like trying to scrape the ridges off of a sidewalk with a shovel. There was blood everywhere. They put some topical numbing shit on my grill, but I still taste blood 9 hours later. I go back on Monday at 8:15. I can't wait. Better than having my shit ripped out again.


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