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Monday, July 18, 2005

Souf Cackalacki

Dat's where i am.

Back-2-back: The Jones brothers. Damn. How sweet it is to have them on our team together.
Leadoff: R. Furcal. His OBP% is climbing rapidly
2nd: Giles: Leads the team in Ba Avg.
3rd: Chipper. He has an MVP without a lot of dust on his mantle.
4th: Andrew Jones. Come on. Call a spade a spade. He is one of the top three outfielders in the history of the game. I will say this: he will ALWAYS be a .275 hitter with 30+ dingers, 100+ rbis, and 100+ strikeouts. That said, he will save you about one run every two or three games. Gold gloves.
5th: Adam LaRoche/Julio Franco: Any AL team would love to have Julio as a designated hitter. But Jesus! The Yankees start Reuben Sierra in right field. Reuben started 2 years after Julio and never was as good. LaRoche is a blooming power hitter. He will never hit over .300, but I mean, look at Dale Murphey's averages. Combined, these guy's numbers are top 10 in the major leagues for first basemen.

From there comes the rest of the role players. It is hard to discount all-star catcher Johnie Estrada. None are as big a fan as this blogger, but lets see some more of that flava. All of our bullpen is very suspect. Our closer blows saves, middle relief is as inconsistent as can be, and our starting awesome...
We have a sweet starting pitching staff. Smoltz, Hudson, Ramirez, Hampton, and Colon/Sosa/Davies (demoted). We are set. At the time of this posting, the Braves were one game back. We will win the division. I will post of our awesomeness then, and not later.


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