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Monday, July 11, 2005

ass Rover

Karl Rove is an evil, manipulating, spiteful, war monger. I hope he burns in hell, limbs ripped off slowly. Everyone who knew anything about this story knows that he or someone in his office leaked the information. I'm just surprised that a judge actually put a person in jail for not revealing sources. What's that? What about the freedom of the press? He manipulated the freedom of the press to hurt someone who was a critic. What reporter that Rove told about an ambassador's wife being a covert CIA agent wouldn't report it? None. He is a total douche. Kick him out just because he is an asshole. Not to mention unethical.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reporter that went to jail didn't even report that story. The only one who did, RObert Novak, didn't go to jail. He is a conservative columnist. COnnection? Don't know.

NOt only should Rove be fired because he is an asshole, as you said, and unethical, but also because the White House has promised several times that whoever was responsible would be fired, right along side there garuantee that ROve had nothing to do with it. Now, they refuse to comment on anything to do with the affair, claiming that it is an ongoing investigation, but it was ongoing before, too, before it became public that Rove was the culprit, and they had no problem commenting. Yet another joke of an insane ridiculousness coming from our leader and wasting the time of our nation with lies, deciet, evil, and incompetency.

5:34 AM

Blogger nolege said...

Thanks for the correction. Politics aside, there should be repurcussions for waht Rove did.

11:42 AM


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