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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Survival of the Fittest

What is the most ridiculous and unreasonable reason to be pulled over? Driving too slow? Going 5 mph over? How about your music being too loud? It happened to me. Today.
When I was at Georgia Southern there was a rumor that there was a noise enforcement law. At the time, myself and every one of my friends had magnificent woofers in our vehicles. This law was hilarious. It was NEVER enforced. I knew some people who knew some people who were pulled over for listening to their music too loud, but I also heard that Mikey from the Life commercials died when his stomach exploded from eating Pop Rocks and chugging Coca Cola. Anyone know what Nashville is known as???



So I pull out of the parking lot, take a left, and another immediate left onto Broadway

I pull behind a cop and wait for the "left turn" arrow to go left again. I was playing some Mobb Deep
You get a prize if you guess what song.
The cop takes the left and pulls into a parking spot. I move by him, the lights come on, and he jumps behind me. Fuck.
I had had 2 beers and one cocktail. For all I know that was over the limit...but this was Tennessee after all. I give him my i.d. and insurance and this redneck tells me that he couldn't hear his radio because my music was too loud. I have some nice subs, but I turned them way down behind the good ol' boys. My fear wanes and he simply comes back and gives me a noise violation. $68. I wonder if he'll write a ticket for the Kenny Chestnutz concert. Fucking rookie pussy fart. Like you don't blast LeAnn Rhymes in your F-150.

I did see some bad ass kids jamming on a ukalaylie, banjo, and fiddle (top of post). Closed my eyes and thought that kid was Doc Watson. Downtown Nashville is actually pretty exciting. Don't mind the rootersPosted by Hello


Anonymous Amir said...

Ali actually got a ticket for listening to his music too loud when we were in high school. We were laughing at the cop when we pulled us over.

3:49 PM

Blogger nolege said...

In the fucking "Music City."


9:53 PM

Blogger Mr. Babylon said...

Shook Ones?

12:05 AM

Blogger nolege said...

Damn Babylon...what is the title of the post?

12:37 AM

Blogger Mr. Babylon said...

I should read more carefully. I was drunk.

5:48 PM


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