ATLien. Droppin nolege from tha south fo' ya'll. It may be weird, but it's all true.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Mountain folk

The deep, stereotyped, underbelly of white Amerikkka. Not Mississippi. Not Alabama. Not Georgia. Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky. Miles and miles of poor white people living in trailers that are falling apart. Dilapidated buildings and shirtless obese people. It was weird and I didn't expect it. Irony? Lots of W. stickers.
I got off of I-75 in Corbin and then north on 25 to London, Ky. My destination today was Hazard but I hoped to make it to Pikeville. Nothing worked. I ended up in a series of coal towns an hour and a half from the nearest interstate. The folks were real friendly and all. They were waving from their tractors as I passed them in opposing traffic. A couple of folks got pissed off and started yelling at me for tailgating. I tell you what, if someone's tailgating me and I can speed up to get out of that situation, I will. I don't mean to be confrontational with the hillbillys, but do me a favor and step aside. Anyway, the I30 is performing soundly. I get anxious because I hear all these sounds that are different from my pimpfire (nevermind, apparently it sold), but it is wonderful and comfortable. Wound up in Lexington and had a pulled pork slop sandwich (bbq'd by the batch and not by the sandwich). It was mediocre. I prefer the custom bbq'd sammy. Had a couple of drinks and headed here.


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