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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

If you know me...

you know my "luck" with cars. i am on my 8th car...i think.
really. no racing, no laziness, no road rage,
i just have the worst luck of anyone you know. i did get in one big alcohol and drug ridden accident, but the only injuries were to myself and my astrocan (bitch). the i30 was purchased and inspected. the problem is that the maintenance on the car was not up-to-date. i had some belts replaced. a couple of weeks after the belt was replaced, i started noticing some car sounds tha were unnatural. turns out that when the belts were replaced (and after the lemon laws had expired) the true tension in the parts began to develop. on my trip back from louisville, the a/c quit. i got it good. i made a deal in conjunction with air time. the compressor clutch is shot. i could get that replaced. the problem is that the clutch usually comes as a part of the actual compressor. the total comes to $900.00. i am absolutely miserable and this shit happens that i couldn't have done anything about. more fucked up accidents by random express.


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