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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Complete waste of my life.

Here's the timeline:

Monday 7:30AM-Take my car to the place that put on the belts a couple of weeks ago. They determine I need a clutch compressor and that it will cost $650.

Monday 9:30AM-Take my car to my family mechanic who is usually reasonable and honest. I tell him what I need done. He says it will cost $590. He says it will be ready Tuesday near noon.

Tuesday 1:00PM-I get a call from my mechanic saying they received the wrong part. The replacement won't be in until Thursday. He has Friday off and will then be off until the 10th. I cannot wait until the 10th.

Tuesday 2PM-I take my car to another mechanic that I use. They are a mile from my work. They say they will have the part Thursday and it should be ready Thursday afternoon. $620. They then tell me that they could have the entire compressor on Wednesday and it could be ready Wednesday afternoon. It is an extra $250. The issue is that they could replace the compressor clutch and the compressor itself may be damaged and have to be replaced in 2 months. I decide to get the entire compressor and be done with it.

Wednesday 2:00PM-I call. They say it should be ready around 5:00PM. They tell me to call back at 4:30 to check.

Wednesday 4:30-I call. AGAIN...A-FUCKIN-GAIN, they regret to inform me that they got the wrong part. Apparently, auto manufacturers for Mazda/Infiniti use one of a few different types of parts on their cars. My car won't be ready until Friday. They are pissed because they can't move my car because it will fall apart since the old compressor is out and the belts are off. I am pissed because I have been forced to, once again, eat a huge piece of crap like it was corn. I'm sure something else will go wrong. Until then, I should have my car back Friday.

How fucked up is that?


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