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Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm only 28

Not much to make a nickname out of yet. Infiniti I30. Sounds too straight forward. Why not the:
Ininiti M-16 or,
Infiniti B-1 Bomber or,
Infiniti Phaeton Carrera Expedition. I just want a car with a name that sounds like artillery.

There is a man at my work who had a worst case, non-adulterous, divorce about 6 months ago. He has a bleeding ulcer, is overweight, smokes, and is otherwise having a real hard time with life. It will kill him or make him stronger.


Blogger nolege said...

I forgot to mention that he is a flawed person who is as kind as they come. That said, I want to tackle him sometimes and drop knees on his face.

10:00 PM


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