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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So my redneck arab buddy sent out an email last week talking about this chick at his office and how she has a "GREAT" ass but a butter face. He asks us if he should tag it. We all heckle him to take an image on his camera phone. He does, but it's kind of blurry. He then tells us that she'll be at this beer festival the following weekend and that we will see her then. Well, we run into him at MARTA and he claims to have "made babies" with her. She shows up later and looked like the dude from "Mask." In hind sight, you only live once. Not spectacular, but why email 20 of your friends??? She's not the greatest, but the story makes for a good ribbing. He knows he had it coming to him. Sorry to publish this to the world Senor Salami. Posted by Hello


Blogger Mr. Babylon said...

That's more like a fivehead.

5:32 PM

Anonymous Assman said...

i'm not proud of what i've done, but it was good. especially hitting it from the backside. And its persian, not arab, dick. Small difference

11:04 AM


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